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Welcome to Singapore House Cleaning Services, your trusted solution for all your house cleaning service needs.

Singapore House Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that offers a wide range of cleaning services, such as moving in/out cleaning, tenancy cleaning, post renovation cleaning, spring cleaning, ad-hoc cleaning and other part time cleaning services. We provide Festival cleaning too that includes Christmas cleaning, Chinese New Year cleaning, Hari-Raya cleaning and Deepavali cleaning.

It’s not necessary to worry if you don’t have enough time because of a busy schedule. House cleaning services Singapore is ready to provide best cleaning services for your home.


House Cleaning Services Singapore

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Type of house cleaning services available from House Cleaning Services Singapore

  • House moving in cleaning (if you move into new house)
  • House moving out cleaning (if you move out from old house)
  • Spring cleaning (Yearly Cleaning)
  • Ad-Hoc house cleaning service (Urgently need cleaning service)
  • Weekly / regular cleaning service
  • one time house cleaning service
  • Office cleaning service
  • Ironing service

House Cleaning Services Singapore
House Cleaning Services Singapore
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Finding a good professional home cleaning service has never been easy. House cleaners from Singapore House Cleaning Service provider are professionally trained to offer best house cleaning service, which makes to get great results. We always find a better and effective way of cleaning your house.

Weekly House Cleaning Service

Weekly house cleaning service is necessary to maintain the house regularly and stay in the healthy environment. We can offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning service. Our cleaners are happy to provide best cleaning service and they will work according to your requirements.

  • Regular and proper house cleaning is necessary to prevent your house from trapping dust, grime, mold & bacteria, which can harm you and your family’s health. So, it’s good to remember always that house cleaning is very important for your health and ensure your house is always clean.

Tenancy Cleaning Service

Some people call it end of tenancy or end of lease cleaning. It can be very hard for you to do the handover cleaning or post tenancy cleaning yourself. Most of the landlord will not accept the general house cleaning if it’s not done by professional cleaning service provider in Singapore. Don’t get worried! We have a group of professional cleaners who are specialized in before (pre) or post tenancy cleaning service.

House moving out cleaning

It’s end of tenancy cleaning. Tenant is moving out at the end of tenancy and it’s required to clean the house and hand over the house to landlord according to their tenancy agreement.

We suggest the tenant to handover the house on the cleaning day. Normally, landlord or real estate agent from landlord side will come and check/ inspect the house to take over.  Tenant needs to invite them (landlord/landlord’s agent) to inspect the house on the house-cleaning day, 1 hour in advance before the cleaner/s leave the house after house cleaning done.

Spring Cleaning

Some people call it yearly cleaning. Good spring-cleaning will certainly make your home fresh and nice smell. Our professional cleaners will take care of everything including living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, windows, and grills. You just need to give a few hours for them to clean. You will be amazed once the house cleaning is completed.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Getting back your house from renovation contractor and making it ready to move in, is not an easy job as the house is still very dusty. You may still see the dust on the window panel and track, kitchen cabinet, bedrooms wardrobe, drawers, bathroom basin, and tub.

If you engage our professional house cleaning service, we will make sure your house is free of dust and have a great smell.

Let’s share some prevention of dust, mold, and bacteria in your house in the different area.

Bathroom Cleaning: Bacteria, mildew, and mold generally cannot live without dampness, so keep surfaces dry by frequent wiping (use a squeegee in the shower) and keeping the bathroom well ventilated. It is good if you can clean the bathroom frequently.

Floor Cleaning: Sweep or vacuum floors frequently to eliminate the need for using chemicals. Scrub floors regularly. Use area rugs to protect the floor.

Placing foot mats at doorways can prevent tracking dirt into the house.

Kitchen: Cleaning regularly prevents grime build-up. Install a plastic or glass back-splash around your stove and food preparation counters.

Furniture Cleaning: Dust frequently and regular dusting helps to prevent dirt from accumulating. It can reduce the chance for the bacteria to grow.

Toilet bowl: Clean the toilet frequently, perhaps weekly or more. Even if you purchase cleaners, the bowl won’t stay germ-free for long. Frequent, thorough cleaning is the key no matter what cleaner you use.

Carpet Cleaning:  Placing mats in doorways can prevent tracking dirt into the house. Vacuum it frequently. It can minimize the bacteria to grow by doing so.