House Cleaning Service – FAQ

We receive so many calls every day requesting information about our house cleaning service in Singapore. To help our website visitors out, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our house cleaning services, rates, cleaning job scopes and ironing services too.

List of House Cleaning Service FAQ

Q: What is operating hour of Singapore House Cleaning Service?

A: It’s every day from 8am to 8pm. But it can be discussed depending on clients’ requirement.

Q: Do I need to inform in advance to get cleaning service from “Singapore House Cleaning Service“?

A: It is better for us to arrange the cleaners for your house cleaning if you inform us in two days in advance.

Q:  Can I prioritize my home cleaning service requirements instead of following the cleaning checklist?

A:  Yes, of course. You can customize the home cleaning job scopes according to your requirement and tell our house cleaner.

Q : Is there any contract for regular/weekly house cleaning service if I want to get the service from Singapore House Cleaning?

A : No contract. But it’s necessary to take minimum one month cleaning service.

FAQ – Cleaner

Q: Are your cleaners reliable?

A: Yes. Cleaners from Singapore house cleaning service provider are obedient, polite and responsible.

Q: How many cleaners will be cleaning my house?

A: It is depend on your house area and the time we are given. We will provide one or more cleaners for “one time house cleaning service’ and it is only one cleaner for “weekly house cleaning service”.

Q: Where are the cleaners from?

A: Most of our cleaners are local, Myanmar & Malaysian. They all are experienced and can speak English.

Q:  Do I have to be at home while your cleaners are cleaning my house for one time house cleaning?

A:   Yes. Even though our cleaners are honest & reliable, it would be better if you could be around to avoid unforeseen misunderstanding. If it’s not possible to be at home all the time, you can orientate the cleaners once they arrived. Then you may leave the house and come back 1 hour or 30 minutes before the cleaning finish and check your house.

FAQ – Damage & Lost

Q: What if something lost from the house?

A: This is our advise not to put any valuable item while there is house cleaning service. But in case of lost, please inform us in 24hrs, and we will be responsible for the maximum amount of SGD $100. If the lost item is more than SGD $100, you can get help from the police to investigate the cleaner. We will not be responsible for any complain after 24hrs.

Q: Is there any compensation if something in my home gets damaged?

A: Singapore House Cleaning  treat your home with as much care and respect as we treat our own home. However, in the case that something gets damaged or broken, Singapore House Cleaning will be liable for a maximum of SGD100. If it’s due to wear and tear, we would not be responsible. Note, Singapore House Cleaning is proud to say that we have a damage-free record to date.

FAQ – House Cleaning Service Prices & Other Charges

Q: What are House Cleaning rates?

A: House Cleaning rates vary on your house area(Sq-ft) & your cleaning job scopes. Please feel free to contact us to get free estimation for your house cleaning.

Q: Is there additional charges if house cleaning service is during  weekend?

A: Yes, there is additional charges S$10 per cleaner for one-time cleaning on weekend and S$5/session for weekly house cleaning.

Q: Do I need to pay agent fees if I want to get service from “Singapore House Cleaning“?

A:  No, we do not collect agency fees. The prices we quote are nett and there are no hidden costs.

Q: How can I make payment for my house cleaning service booking?

A: It’s necessary to make deposit if you want to book available/preferred cleaning time slot. Payment can be made by ATM or internet banking transferred through our bank account. And balance can be paid after cleaning is done. For Cheque payment, client needs to drop it to cheque deposit box at the bank.

House Cleaning Service Singapore
House Cleaning Service Singapore