Part Time Maid – Part Time Helper

“Get Best Part Time Maid / Part Time Helper From Singapore House Cleaning.”


Getting a part time maid or part time helper is not easy.
There are many house cleaning companies that provide part time maid or part time helper services in Singapore. You might find some difficulty in deciding which house cleaning company to select and get a trustworthy part time cleaner.

Please don’t get worry as you have come to the right place offering best part time maid/helper in Singapore.

Part time maids from our cleaning company are reliable, honest, truthful, obedient, hardworking and experienced.

Reasonable Part Time Maid / Part Time Helper Rates

Our house cleaning service rates are reasonably cheap and competitive if comparing with other cleaning company, but not with the freelance part time cleaner/helper. Most of the freelance part time cleaner/helper can work with $10 per hour rate. But they are not professionally trained and reliable.

Our part time helpers are earning more than $10 per hour rate as they are very professional and working with us for many years. Our cleaning service rate is higher than freelance part time maid or part time cleaner who is earning $10 per hour.

As a professional house cleaning service provider, we encourage to get professional part time maid from cleaning company to avoid getting unprofessional part time maid/helper working in your house.

Part Time Maid For Professional Cleaning Services

Our part time maid/s and part time cleaner/s are professional and experienced in following house cleaning services for many years.


part time maid - part time helper
part time maid – part time helper

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