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If you need professional house cleaning service in Singapore, please feel free to get in touch via the form below. We are looking forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible. You may directly call us if you need house cleaning service urgently.

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Do you have questions about house cleaning services or do you want to book for your house cleaning and ironing from Singapore House Cleaning Services? Please use the form above to send us a message right away. We’ll create a FREE custom home cleaning solution for you.

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Contact House Cleaning Service
Contact House Cleaning Service

We, House Cleaning Service Singapore will need the information stated below to give you the best quotation.

  • house location (postal code)
  • Size (Sq. ft or Sq.m) of your house to be cleaned
  • Number of bed room, bath room, and toilets
  • Condition / Cleanliness of the house
  • Our contact @ 9162 4117

We have compiled some questions and answers that most of our customers asked during the inquiry of professional house cleaning service.

Professional House Cleaning Service Enquiry – Q & A

How do I know the size (Sq.ft or Sq.m) of the house as I am the tenant?

Please don’t worry. We have many customers who don’t the size of their house. You just need to call and ask your landlord or real estate agent for the exact size. It may be stated in your tenancy agreement too. We need the correct size of the house as we want to give the best quotation for your house. Without correct size, our quotation might be under or over quoted.

How do you specify if the house is dirty or not dirty? I don’t know how to say.

If you are not sure how to describe the cleanliness of the house, you can send some pictures of the house (e.g: toilet, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room) via whatsapp, viber or email. We will view those pictures and advice you the best quotation.

Our house is HDB and there is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Can you give me the quotation base on that information?

There are two models of 3 bedrooms HDB flat, one is 4 room HDB flat and another one is 5 room HDB. Both 4 & 5 room model have 3 bedrooms. You will have to ask your landlord or agent about your house model.